MTN Unlimited Free Browsing For August – Updated

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Today; I will be showing you how to browse unlimited with MTN free given 150mb for music plus. No tweaking is required.

MTN Unlimited Free Browsing For August   Updated price in nigeria

 As most of you may know, I have written this post before and as of then it was working perfectly well and still working but, the problem then, was how to renew it when exhausted. For those that enjoyed it as of then and it got exhausted, you will have to follow this step to get it browsing again. It works very well on Android, iphone or ipad and laptops.

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I hope you know, there is no charge for it, so get your simple server ready or psiphon whichever one you like, its your choice to make. This post will guide you on the updated free browsing tricks and codes on MTN.

How To Get MTN Free 150MB Continuously For Unlimited Browsing On Your Pc And Android

 With the method given below, you can get 150mb for  10,000x daily. So get yours blazing now.

==>To get it, send/text D to 5900 as a text message on your phone, remember on MTN sim. You will receive a text message from MTN saying.

You have been charged N0 & joined MTN Music+! It expires on 2015-12-01…

==>To check the megabyte dial this*559*2#

When you exhaust the 150mb go to your message box and send/text cancel7d to5900 and you will get a confirmation saying you have opted out, make sure you wait for the confirmation message to arrive, then send/text D to 5900 again and wait for another 150mb. When exhausted again do as given above. That’s it. Click Below link For Free browsing cheats all networks:

After that proceed to the below settings;

==>Download Simple server Here
==>Goto your Access point settings and create a new one with below:
==> Name:- MTN NG,
==>Proxy port:- 8080
the save it and goto your Simple server and set it up with below:

==>Listen port = 8080
==>Mark enable proxy box
==>proxy host =
==>proxy port = 8080
==>Enable injection box
==>Injection method = get
==>Injection query/url =
==>Injection host =
==>Injection line = press enter 4 times
==>buffer size = 8092
==>log level = debug

To Power All Apps With It  USE Auto proxy settings  below;

Download Auto-proxy or proxy droid here
And set it up with the below settings:

=>Open your Auto-proxy or Proxy Droid and configure
Port: 8080
==>Finally, Turn ON proxydroid and minimize it.
And then continue your browsing as it powers all apps.

Simple server Set up For  PC Users

 Configure with below settings:

LHOST = ‘’
PHOST = ‘’
KEEP = ”
PPORT = 8080
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR0 = ‘’
CUSHDR0 = ‘Host’
SBUFF = 1024

 ==>Goto any of your browser and set it as follows:
==>port: 8080

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NOTE: After exhausting the 150mb, just goto your message again and text STOP to5900.
And wait for some minutes,  and then text D to 5900, you will be given the mb again. Make sure while doing it the second time, you have N0.00 on your sim before texting again or else they will deduct money if you have on your sim.

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